DOTD T’s, FEER SB3 and MHSV1 Picatinny variant

DOTD T’s, FEER SB3 and MHSV1 Picatinny variant

Dance Of The Dead T's, Picatinny MHSV1 and the FEER SB3
Re-Stock this Saturdav 1200 EST. Everything is in stock and
ready to ship, NOT A PREORDER.

MHS V1 (picatinny)

MODULAR HAND STOP V1 (picatinny)

Height: 2.00”

Width: 1.06”

Length: 2.77”

Weight: 23 G with hardware

  • Proprietary 3D Diamond texture on all contact points

  • Flat bottom with ledge to keep grip locked in, to act as a barricade stop, and a level base to post on.

  • Optimized forward curve and angles to aid in proper support hand positioning.

  • Top horizontal surface area extends for heat protection and enhanced grip.

  • Made in USA, designed for picatinny

  • Made from high strength nylon polymer

  • Includes mounting hardware

  • Heat resistant to 300°

  • Available in black 

  • Pairs with MBSV1 (Picatinny version coming soon) to extend gripping surface, adding a forward barricade stop and additional heat protection - (optional)

***the MBSV1 (barricade stop) in pi a tinny is not available
vet. aLthough it is pictured here. The MHSV1 (hand stop) will
be in stock and readv to ship this Saturday.***