F E E R V1

F E E R V1

The F E E R V1 is sold out, and will be soon replaced with the next batch of risers that are currently in production.

The riser was designed to add stability while using elevated optic systems. With optics being elevated 1.93” or higher, getting a proper cheek weld, while positively nesting the stock in your shoulder is difficult. It is compatible with the use of helmets, ear protection, and NVG systems. For shooters that utilize touch points and efficient heads up techniques, the FEER V1 helps fill that void. It allows you to bring the weapon system to your eyeline utilizing touch points vs moving your head searching for the optic. Next time you go to the range film yourself or have a buddy film and watch you. Look for any head movement upon presentation of your rifle. If you find yourself doing this, you can gain efficiency by changing your presentations to bring the optic/weapon to your eyeline. Depending on the individual shooter’ style and their comfort level with weapons manipulations, you can speed up presentations, while maintaining more stability than is currently afforded without using a stock riser. 

The F E E R is also designed to allow full functionality of the charging handle when mounted to the rear of the CTR stock. You can collapse your stock on an AR buffer without any interference of the operations of the weapon system. For those that think it is just a piece of 3D printed plastic, technically you’re correct. It is a 3D printed part, and it is made of a carbon printed Nylon that is infused with multiple layers of Kevlar for strength and durability in the part itself. The butt-stock that it mounts to will break before the F E E R does. It is also a necessary functionality that keeps this a stand alone accessory without the need for screws or mounts. The design alone could not be replicated as an injection molded part, let alone the materials. We have a variant that is coming soon that will allow the utilization of all optic systems, to include LPVO’s mounted at 1.93” and higher. Stay tuned for that! Meanwhile, here are some of the specs and details on the current version.


F E E R V1 

Field Expedient Elevated Riser Version 1

Compatible only with MagPul CTR/MOE Carbine Stocks

  • 3D Printed from fully annealed carbon nylon infused with Kevlar 
  • Elevated, tool-free buttstock riser
  • Maintains positive cheek weld when running elevated optic mounts
  • Recommended for optic mounts 1.93” and higher
  • Adds .75” elevation over buttstock
  • For use with holographic or red dot optics
  • Not recommend for LPVO use
  • Full charging handle pull with stock collapsed and FEER mounted to the rear position
  • Reversible (when FEER is mounted in the forward position, the charging handle will only work with stock in the last 2 extended positions)
  • Similar to the shape and contour of SOPMOD stocks
  • Made in USA
  • 2.53” OAW
  • 3.34” OAL
  • 53.18 Grams or .117 Lbs.

FEER V1 butt-stock riser