F E E R SB3 (patent pending) will be available 23 APR 2022 1200 EDT

The first monolithic AR pistol brace specific cheek rest

Field Expedient Elevated Riser SB3

Compatible only with SB Tactical SBA3 Pistol Brace

  • Elevated, tool-free pistol brace riser
  • Maintains positive cheek weld when running elevated optic mounts
  • Recommended for optic mounts 1.93” and higher
  • Adds .75” elevation over brace
  • For use with holographic, red dot optics and LPVO’s
  • Full charging handle pull with brace collapsed and FEER mounted to the rear position
  • Can be mounted in the forward position (when FEER is mounted in the forward position, the charging handle will only work with brace in the furthest extended position)
  • Made in USA from high strength nylon polymer
  • 2.25” OAW
  • 3.00” OAL
  • 35 G

We aren’t lawyers and we aren’t the AFT, all gun laws are infringements. We also aren’t necessarily “fans” of pistol braces, although we do understand the need for them. This was designed to be a quick attachment that allows the brace to be rested against your cheek, and not “shouldered”. That being said, use at your own risk. We assume no responsibility for the use of any of our products. Thank you all!